The Everglades, Florida

The Everglades, Florida
The Everglades, Florida
The Everglades, Florida
The Everglades, Florida


The Everglades


The beautiful Everglades is located in southern Florida. It is the largest subtropical wilderness in America, and is one of the world's largest wetlands. It is home to rare and endangered species of

flora and fauna, and is a designated World Heritage Site, a Wetland of International Importance and

an International Biosphere Reserve.

Hundreds of years ago, the Everglades was part of a five million acre watershed which occupied

nearly a third of the state of Florida. It consists of shallow fresh waters that flow over the sawgrass of

the lowlands, creating ripples of green waves. This is the reason behind the Everglade's nickname,

"River of Grass".

Throughout history, the Everglades has undergone a lot of change. The first settlers who arrived in

the 1900s in the southern part of Florida drained a large part of the wetlands to plant crops and build houses. As the developments continued, the Everglades began to shrink. Fortunately, the people realized the importance of the wetlands as a habitat for plants and animals.

The Everglades was divided by the government in an attempt to protect it while still providing water and flood control for the citizens of southern Florida. The northern portion was designated as the Everglades Agricultural Area while the remaining part located at the center of the historic Everglades became a water conservation area.

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