Tarpon Springs, Florida

Tarpon Springs, Florida
Tarpon Springs, Florida
Tarpon Springs, Florida
Tarpon Springs, Florida


Tarpon Springs Florida


Tarpon Springs, which is in Pinellas County, Florida, has the highest percentage of Greek-Americans residents out of any city in America.

During 1876, the region attracted its first settlers who so named the city because Tarpons were frequently spotted jumping out of the surrounding waters. Aside from Tarpon and other kinds of fish, the waters were abound with various types of sponge. In 1953, the movie "Beneath the 12-Mile Reef" was shot in Tarpon Springs. John Cocoris brought sponge diving to the city in 1905. He hired Greek divers from Halki and the Dedocanese Islands to harvest sponge, and by the 1930s, the Tarpon Springs' sponge industry grew to become a multi-million dollar market.

Tourists flock to the many shops lining Dodocanese Avenue in the Sponge Dock District every year.

This area is a well known historic destination, and at its far end is the Tarpon Springs Aquarium. The street boasts of many restaurants specializing in traditional flavorful Greek cuisine, and quaint shops

that feature all kinds of goods including genuine sponge, which are mostly imported from other areas.


Tarpon Springs' sponge fields were wiped out by red tide in 1947. Since then, most of the

establishments used for harvesting, such as sponge warehouses, were converted to tourist attractions.

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