Wilderness Preserve, Florida

Wilderness Preserve, Florida
Wilderness Preserve, Florida
Wilderness Preserve, Florida
Wilderness Preserve, Florida


Wilderness Preserve Florida


Located south of Orlando is Florida's Nature Conservancy's Disney Wilderness Preserve, which

protects the headwaters of the Everglades. The preserve is a 12,000-acre model of ecological restoration. It is one of the largest projects of its kind in the United States.


The preserve protects rare wildlife including bald eagles, sandhill cranes, scrub-jays and gopher tortoises. People who want to know more about the wilderness preserve, are encouraged to go on a hiking trail which starts at the Conservation Learning Center. The trail includes a visit to Lake Russell, one of central Florida's undeveloped lakes, which makes up the preserve's border. The hike continues

to a 2.5 mile loop around the project where hikers are given the opportunity to interact with the preserve's resident plants and animals, and to witness the ongoing land restoration.

The Nature Conservancy staff continuously work on restoring the area to its original state.

The work involves controlled burning and brush clearing to stimulate plant growth in the area.
Including the Disney Wilderness Preserve, Nature Conservancy protects more than 1.2 million acres

of land in Florida. Worldwide, the conservancy has under its care more than 5,000 miles of river, over 119 million acres of land and at least a hundred marine conservation projects.

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